Why looking over the fence at your competitors isn’t everything.

An illustration of many similar products branded as “X”, and one that stands out branded “Z”

Many businesses have rivals they grudgingly admire (or perhaps consciously detest) and organisations that they aspire to be like. In sectors where competition is fierce and there’s a need to attract customers or to pitch your services against others, standing…

It’s unpolished and raw, but UGC is a powerful tool for today’s brands.

Thrown-together footage from an earlier-generation mobile phone; unboxing demonstrations; hyperbolic reviews with scrappily added captions… the branding professional’s typical view of user-generated content is at best bemusement, at worst, disdain. …

Getting the best out of your agency starts here.

As a branding agency we are sometimes surprised that even the most successful businesses or entrepreneurs often struggle to write a creative brief. Conversely, start-up founders can often distil their requirements into a few perfectly succinct paragraphs. …

How to accept that your first thought won’t be original.

You’re an entrepreneur who’s ready to launch. You’ve strived to craft, hone, test and MVP the hell out of your concept. It’s now the genesis of a great business. I guarantee that your concept is very different to the initial…

Russell Holmes

Partnerships Director at ico Design. We’re a London-based studio creating brands for ambitious entrepreneurial businesses

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